DRIE Ottawa – prochain événement trimestriel – Ottawa – 20 mars 2019

DRIE Ottawa vous invite à son prochain événement trimestriel qui se tiendra le 20 mars prochain, de 8:15 à 12:00, au Royal Canadian Air Force Officer’s Mess, 158 Gloucester St., Ottawa.

Pour vous inscrire suivez ce lien (note  : les membres en règles de RECO-Québec ont accès au même tarif que les membres de DRIE Ottawa).

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Registration is now open

Please join us on March 20, 2019 at the RCAF Officer’s Mess 158 Gloucester St Ottawa, for our next quarterly event.

Dana Fleming, the emergency manager, for the University of Ottawa  and Jocelyne Lahaie, from Emergency Management, Public Safety Canada will present on topics of interest (as determined from the feedback forms) that our members will find relevant and timely.

Dana oversees the Emergency Management Program at uOttawa, which she joined in 2008 following 10 years managing an Emergency Communications Centre, She is also a member of uOttawa’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) during active emergency situations. In addition, Dana is a regular contributor to community forums, white papers and research studies on emergency management in higher education settings. Her topic is «  It’s time to upgrade your Fire Warden program »   Following the 2014 Parliament Hill shooting and the University of Ottawa’s subsequent 6 hour Lockdown, an analysis was conducted on the institution’s ability to respond to large-scale emergency situations.  Many findings led to many projects, one of which was the complete overhaul of the Fire Warden Program, which had remained relatively unchanged for over 30 years.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Dana’s presentation are:

  • How to get buy-in for evolving an existing program to the next level of preparedness
  • Determine what material to cover in your new Warden training
  • Tips on delivery and fun media sources to liven up your training
  • Consider equipment for functionality, visibility, and garnering cooperation
  • Don’t forget to show appreciation for these valuable resources

Jocelyne has been working in the EM field since 2010 and has; participated in, controlled, mentored, supported, and facilitated over 200 EM exercises. Her presentation « EM Exercise Planning: Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Wins » will be discussing previous Federal EM exercises, including BCP, Active Killer, and tactical exercises.

Key Points that an Attendee will take away from Jocelyne’s presentation are:

  • Common lessons identified during exercises
  • The biggest challenges faced during the planning process
  • Tips and tricks on how to overcome common challenges
  • Different exercise theories and what has been most useful
  • Template examples that tend to work for us

The meeting will be at the Royal Canadian Air Force Officer’s Mess, 158 Gloucester St., Ottawa. The doors will open at 8:15 a.m. Coffee and Danish will be available. The session starts at 9:00 a.m. and will wrap up by 12:00. There will be a networking break between 10:00 and 10:30.



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